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Small NorCal Beachfront Cabin For Sale/No Reasonable Offer Refused

As featured in Dwell magazine


Anonymous said...

er, it might be a tad drafty....

Anonymous said...

here's an interesting fellow, and down a bit on the page, video


Richard Proenneke: The man who showed us how to be alone in the wilderness

For decades, Proenneke lived in a handmade cabin at Alaska's Twin Lakes; his writings and films have left a legacy

Anonymous said...

Free Historic Farmhouse

Save This Old House: North Carolina Farmhouse for Free!

A tobacco baron's grand 1910 house with original details is ready to move

By Paul Hope, This Old House magazine


Price: $0 (must be moved)
Location: Grimesland, North Carolina
Contact: Claudia Deviney, 252-482-7455


Save This Old House: A North Carolina Italianate Cottage

Score a post-Civil War Italianate cottage for only a buck
Price: $1
Location: Wilson, N.C.
Contact: Kathryn Ferrari Bethune, 252-234-7694

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