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A Hotel Hooks up to The Tiny Houses Trend, Campfire Included.

" While some hotels trumpet the ample square footage of their guest rooms, others rely on quirky coziness to attract customers. Yotel, for example, offers ship-cabin-inspired rooms at several European airports and operates a full-sized hotel filled with snug (170-square foot), extremely efficiently-designed rooms near Times Square in New York City. The chain plans to open another Yotel hotel on upscale Orchard Street in Singapore..."
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Anonymous said...

very nice. seems like lots of good finishing/decoration.

Anonymous said...

just saw this on t.v.. Thought it might interest




LilKittie said...

What? Cabin-designed rooms near Times Square? That would be awesome, I've been to NYC twice and it's a bit too cosmopolitan for me, even though I'm born in a capital and raised in another (both in Europe). I'm currently trying to find it on http://new-york.hotelscheap.org/times-square.html but I'm somehow lost. I suppose that it won't be cheap, because it's near Times Square, but I also hope that it won't be a rip-off like most of the hotels in NYC.

Anonymous said...

these seem really cool, a tiny community, until you check out the price..


This Tiny Cottage Community is Expensive

Pricing for the Writer’s Cottages that I showed you first are $389,900 each which does include a rare strip of lakefront land.

Johnathan Cole said...

Yotel is a great place to stay in New York. I was there last year with my girlfriend and we had an amazing week in the big apple. We booked the place with reservationcounter.com and it was not so expensive after all. I really recommend you try them out.

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