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For Sale - Off The Grid Converted Houseboat Parked on Land, Tennessee - $19,500

"1968 Owens cabin cruiser restored on land. No utilites involved. Rain water is collected and used for exterior use. Nearby spring used for interior water. Solar panels, wood stove, and propane used for other sources of power."
From Tiny House Listings


Kay L. Davies said...

The best of both worlds, in a way.
I remember cabin cruisers like this one, in the early 70s.

Anonymous said...

It's been for sale for several years now.


Anonymous said...

Where is it located in Tennessee. May be interesred. I live in Tenn and would like to go see.

Lloyd Kahn said...

Kingston, TN. Go here: http://shltr.net/18pKa4F

Anonymous said...

Land ? How many acres? Thank you!

Pierre Gravel
Quebec, Canada

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